11 October 2018

Asia in Renaissane

Khan on feudal Japan

kidspast link on China and Japan

History channel on Samurai

6 facts  about Samurai

10 October 2018


Jack Rackum
Mary Read (Reid)
Ann Bonney (Bonny)
Black Bart
Ching Shih
Henry Morgan
Jean Lafitte
Stede Bonnet
Edward Lowe
Henry Avery
William Kidd

05 October 2018

Age of Exploration

Early map to look at the old trade routes
Ch. 1
Ch. 2
Ch. 3
Ch. 4
Ch. 5
Ch. 6
Ch. 7

Khan academy on exploration

Kids past chapter 17

Bartholomew Diaz
Vasco de Gama
Christopher Columbus
Amerigo Vespucci
Ferdinand Magellan
Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Juan Ponce de Leon
Pedro Álvares Cabral
Hernan Cortes
Francisco Pizarro
Henry Hudson
Giovanni da Verrazzano
Jacques Cartier
John Cabot

CC explorers
CC Columbian exchange
CC Atlantic Slave trade
CC Spanish Empire
CC Feudal Japan
Khan Academy on JPN feudalism

02 October 2018

Renaissance essays

Why was Italy the center of the Renaissance?

How did the printing press change society at the time?

Connect the growth of city-states to the growth of science and humanism at this time.

Who was Martin Luther and how did he change Christianity?

25 September 2018


Ch. 1
Ch. 2 & Ch 3
Ch 4
Readingon Humanisism Ch 5
Key people in Renaissance Ch 6

kids History read all the sections on Renaissance
           Focus on "why does Italy have such a important role in the Renaissance?"

Crash Course on Dark Ages
Crash Course on Renaissance
Crash Course on Reformation

Khan on Protestant Reformation

da Vinci video