16 January 2018

Between World Wars

Khan Academy videos to take notes on.
          Arabia after WWI
          Rise of Hitler and The Nazis
          Rise of Mussolini and Fascism

Questions to answer from the videos. Pay attention to the title the questions come from.

Readings on Google forms.

CC # 38

CC # 220

US CC # 35

US CC # 36

09 January 2018

Asia test

TEST on Asia (excluding western part)

03 January 2018

WWI readings

Rubric for WWI project (400pts)

Khan academy ( start with "The Great War Begins")

Google reads from December 15 blog entry.  (See below)

CC part 1
CC part 2
CC World History
CC American History

Russian Revolution
RUS revolution timeline
Reading on Lusitania

All videos WWI related...HERE
All links to WWI ...HERE
Pictures galore...HERE

Bar Fight Poster

20 December 2017

Political Leaders of WWI

Give me the name(s) of the leaders of the country from 1914-1918
Tell me their title; President, Prime Minister, Chancellor and etc....
Who was their commander of the military during the same period.
One might have more than one leader and/or military general for some countries.

Country     Leader      Title      Time period      General name


15 December 2017


Khan Academy from the link below for the remaining videos.
Read and take notes from below.

section 1
section 2
section 3
section 4
section 5