29 May 2018

18 May 2018

Nelson Mandela

What was he sent to prison for?
How long did he stay in prison?
When was he released?
What job did he get after prison? (major)
Name a policy he started from that time?
What did he say about hate and violence?
When did he die?
What is your opinion of him as a person?

Truck delivery

15 May 2018


08 May 2018


Slums in Dharavi (2 min)

Webquest 1 questions

Rich v. Poor (10 min)

Street Children (48 min)

Poor slums

IND housewife

China vs India

02 May 2018

China + pollution

25 minutes film on air pollution

14 minute film on water pollution

Part 2 on Water pollution

Cancer video 15 minutes

CHN vs IND film is 23 minutes

Google search photos/ articles on water and air pollution in CHN and USA

Extra film on Chinese products

Olympic training in China

Youth of Shanghai

Y & R in China